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Why I Replaced My Facebook Feed with Motivational Quotes

I have decided to eliminate my facebook feed by downloading a google chrome extension  that replaces your feed with a motivational quote and I will tell you why and how it has helped me so far. The extension is called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook.

I have recently started noticing that my facebook use is out of control. Whenever I am bored, procrastinating, or have a free moment, I will find myself automatically going to facebook to scroll through my newsfeed.

Since I have subscribed to a lot of healthy eating pages and news pages, this is sometimes a positive thing but often I find myself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information I am getting abuot peoples lives that I might not even talk to anymore. I also find that randomly I will see a post that invokes jealousy or makes me feel inadequate. Obviously I know that facebook shows everyone else’s highlight reel but I couldn’t help but wonder if this habitual scrolling could be affecting my mental health in a negative way. I am on a journey to find self-acceptance and authenticity in my life and right now I need to focus on me and the people that are close enough to me that I actually talk to. Constantly seeing reminders of how others are living their life is not helping me to find this self-acceptance and authenticity that I seek.

Replacing my newsfeed with the motivational quote allows me to still access my facebook messages, post status updates, and check others profiles and receive event notifications, so I don’t have to fear being left out of anything. I also can still check friend’s profiles if I am wondering how they are doing, but now it is more intentional and I have to actively choose to go look at their profile. Just the other day I checked my sisters profile and got to see pics of her and her kids, but I didn’t have to scroll through updates from old-high school friends, ex boyfriends, or see pics of people doing things I wasn’t invited to so see how she was doing.

I have only been doing this for a few days but so far I have noticed I waste much less time on facebook. I finished a book I haven’t had time to finish and I don’t really miss scrolling on FB.

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