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Letting Go of Old Clothes and Stale Emotions

Wow! So I just did the Kon Marie method on my clothes and closet. (This is the method suggested in the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”) I did what she suggested and threw my clothes into a pile, going through one by one seeing if each item gave me joy before deciding to keep it or toss it. That was actually extremely emotionally cathartic for me. As I held each item, so many memories came up associated with each piece. Toward the end I felt like I was going to cry while holding certain pieces and I felt electricity coursing through my body as I threw certain things out.

It really amazes me how much you can associate emotions or memories with certain objects. It makes me wonder how much it has been affecting me and holding me back by surrounding myself with pieces that remind me of negative things. As I got rid of certain pieces that did not give me joy I started to feel a weight lifting, and it made me feel motivated to get rid of more, even the things I still felt an attachment to that actually no longer give me joy.

For example, I bought a $70 pair of leather work shoes during a really negative time in my life. When I bought them I convinced myself they were worth the price because they were the type of work shoes you can wear for years and not wear out. When I picked them up I had a surge of negative memories from the time in my life when I bought them and had been wearing them, all of the insecurity and negative emotions from that time came back to me. Part of me wanted to keep them because of how much I spent on them and because they are still cute but I decided to put them in the goodwill bag. Someone else will be lucky to find them and will get more joy out of them than me. Also, I have always wanted to give back to goodwill since I have found many cute pieces there before so it feels good to pay it back and possibly get some good karma while getting rid of the things that no longer serve me.

I am feeling a sense of optimism that getting rid of some of these things will help me to move into a more positive mindset and let go of some of the things from the past that have been holding me back! Interestingly, some objects sent a wave of intense joy through my body as I remembered all of the joy I got from wearing them and how beautiful they were or the fact that my mom bought it for me because it was just so nice and she wanted me to have it. These are the types of objects I want to surround myself with, ones that make me remember beautiful things and feel joy!

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