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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I have recently been working on getting my life together, meaning I am working toward eating healthier, exercising, and getting organized. One thing I have had issues with in our house is clutter. The clutter I feel holds me back from being organized and efficient. For example, every time I get dressed in the morning I have to sort through all the clothes that I don’t necessarily ever wear to find the clothes I do like. It slows me down and becomes a burden. We also have so much kitchen stuff that we had to put two big racks in the dining room to hold all of our stuff, making it feel cluttered, cramped and preventing us from hanging anything on the wall. If this sounds like you, then I highly recommend the book The Life Changing  Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

The Life Changing  Magic of Tidying Up  is about the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. I got through most of this book this weekend after one of my friends serendipitously recommended it to me and it is exactly what I needed.

This book essentially boils down to the message that you should get rid of the things you don’t like so you can fully enjoy the things you do like. Marie Kondo recommends that you hold belongings in your hand to see if they give you a sense of joy, if you do not feel joy from them, then you should get rid of them. The ultimate goal should be to have a house full of only things that give you joy.

This book got me thinking about my attachments. I am so attached to certain things that no longer serve me. Shoes that I only wore once or twice years ago but feel too guilty to get rid of, gifts that don’t actually suit my tastes, old free t-shirts that I never wear or look at but can’t get rid of because I got them at some fun event that I want to remember. Marie Kondo does a great job of helping you to get past the guilt and attachment to realize that if you get rid of the things that you do not enjoy you can free yourself from the burden of maintaining them and the burden of their clutter.

I have jewelry in my jewelry box from ex-boyfriends, clothes that remind me of a bad day I had when I was wearing them. I am ready to let go of those things, both the physical item and the bad memories they elicit. If you let go of this type of object, you can let go of some of the past, you can move on spiritually and mentally by letting go of these physical objects because you no longer remind yourself every day. Even things that once brought you joy and don’t necessarily remind you of anything negative may no longer be serving you, they are only cluttering your house taking away from things that truly do give you joy.

This weekend, inspired by Marie Kondo’s Method I went through a bunch of our kitchen stuff and was able to get rid of an entire set of shelves full of kitchen gadgets from our dining room and freed up a wall. This wall now has a painting on it that actually gives me joy to look at, and our dining room feels cleaner and more calm now. This as a true example of how getting rid of things that no longer served me (excessive kitchen stuff) allowed me to appreciate something that does give me joy (a painting). I am very much looking forward to continuing to implement Marie Kondo’s method and letting go of some of my attachments so I can simplify my life and fully enjoy my living space and the present moment.

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