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Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Paleo Meal Prep Menu Week 9

Below is my last AIP meal prep menu post, but don’t worry, I will continue posting delicious AIP recipes! I am proud to say that I met my original goal to make it two months on the AIP paleo diet! If you are starting the AIP diet and want to meal prep like me or just want some menu inspiration, hopefully the two months of menus I have posted can help you to get started and stay on track for the first two months of the protocol! 

Originally I said I would start reintroducing foods after two months but I don’t think I am ready to reintroduce anything yet. My Grave’s Disease has not improved since starting the diet and in fact, it has gotten worse. I had to increase my med dosage 🙁

Many people are telling me that this is part of the healing process and that things often get worse before they get better. This drastic change in diet probably did stress my body out at first and stress can be a huge trigger for autoimmune flares. Could it be that I am going through a healing crisis? Could it be that my body is releasing built up toxins because I am finally feeding it with healthy, nutrient dense food and that this is triggering an autoimmune flare? I did have a week where my sinuses were really congested and I had nonstop runny nose, apparently this is a common detox symptom. Maybe I am just detoxing and it will take some time for my body to find a new state of health.

I am going to stick with this diet for another two months until I get checked again. If I keep getting worse then I will consider going back to a less restrictive diet. Fingers crossed that things start to improve soon! 


Shredded carrot breakfast hash (recipe to be posted soon)


Salad with Rotisserie chicken

Plantain chips


Coconut Lemongrass shrimp soup made with bone broth ) recipe to be posted soon)


Garlic cauliflower naan

Coconut butter stuffed dates

Homemade Jello made with grass fed beef gelatin

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