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Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Paleo Meal Prep Menu Week 5 (Disaster Week!)

This week was a bit of a disaster in terms of meal prep. My hubby and I decided to go out to celebrate one of our classmates defending her PhD. This was on Sunday when we usually meal prep, we thought we would stay for only an hour but then ended up having too much fun and then dropped the ball on meal prepping. We ended up getting in a fight about it because I get stressed out if I can’t get the meal prep done because then I am unsure of what to eat for the week, but we made up and my hubby ended up helping me a lot that night when we came home.

Hubby was so sweet and stayed up late that night cooking a bunch of ground turkey for us. (which I now feel bad about because he had his first day at his new job as an adjunct college professor the next day) The meals were not what we planned for and we ended up having a huge dutch oven full of ground turkey. I ended up making us a chicken soup which we added the ground turkey and some kale to and it turned out pretty good. My soup was a little too light in flavor and once we added the ground turkey it gave it this nice gamey savory flavor. So even though on our own, the recipes were deficient, once we worked together, it turned out really well.

I also ended up burning a huge batch of turkey bacon that night so I crumbled them up and used them as bacon bits to throw on some broccoli (it did not taste good).  Anyway, the week was a bit of a struggle but I made it through and stayed AIP compliant. We also realized after going grocery shopping that we planned to have turkey in every meal which is just way too much turkey…So basically this was the week of the turkey and the burnt food :/

The moral of the story is that even if your plans get screwed up or a recipe doesn’t turn out right, you can make it through without sacrificing your diet and with a little creativity, you can maybe even turn a disaster into something delicious. Also, if you don’t have time to prep breakfast (or you burn it like I did), you can always easily eat a banana!


  • Turkey Bacon which I burnt 🙁
  • Banana’s


  • Oven roasted broccoli with the burnt remains of our turkey bacon (GROSS!) (planned for AIP turkey Meatballs)


  • Chicken Kale soup with ground turkey (this actually turned out to be pretty delicious) (planned for Adobo Chicken Burgers)
  • Leftover Spaghetti squash chow mein


  • Paleo Grass Fed Beef Jerky
  • Sweet Potato Chips (made with coconut oil)By Jackson’s Honest

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