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AIP Weekly Menu,  Healing Food

Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Paleo Meal Prep Menu Week 3

Below is my meal prep menu for week 3 of following the AIP Paleo diet. Last week I started getting cravings for really fresh food. I have been craving fresh vegetable juices and also raw salmon (I loooove sushi and poke) so I tried to incorporate these things into my diet this week.


  • Green Juice (recipe will be posted soon)



Sunday and Monday

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:

  • Cauliflower Pizza with AIP pesto


  • Bone broth
  • Pan Fried plantains (recipe will be posted soon)
  • Cran-Apple gummies made with grass fed beef gelatin



Had a very bad sore throat and post nasal drip. 🙁

Took a shot of my fire tonic (kombucha infused with various spicy things) which is supposed to help fight off sickness. Regretted it when I remembered that habanero and jalapeno peppers were part of the infusion which is not AIP.


I woke up again with an extremely sore throat, I had to get up and drink tea with honey in the middle of the night and all morning because it was so painful.

Toward the end of the day the sore throat started going away and is not so bad anymore.

My skin is glowing and acne is clearing up 🙂 (The past week or two I was having an acne flare up so glad to have clear skin again)

I feel a sense of health, I have been working out/ active often and eating very healthy, I feel I am walking taller and feel like I have energy to be active. Looking forward to all the dance classes I am taking this quarter!

I also feel mentally healthier in some ways, some things that used to really bother me that I would think about a lot were easier to push aside today. I caught myself thinking about it a few times but today I felt emotionally distant from these past events.

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