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Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Paleo Meal Prep Menu Week 2

This is my second week of AIP Paleo meal prep and below is the menu. So far I have felt very satisfied with the food I am eating and don’t feel deprived (well except for the fact that I can’t drink wine). I did get some pretty heavy carb cravings last week so this week I made sure to plan for more carbs in my breakfast and fruit with lunch.grave





  • Green tea ginger gummys made with Grass fed beef Gelatin
  • Homemade Paleo Coconut Yogurt
  • Pan fried plantains (recipe to be posted)
  • AIP Garlic Cauliflower Naan- The Essential AIP Cookbook



Broke the rules to have a drink with my hubby on his birthday. Oops. At least it was boochcraft (alcoholic kombucha) and not like a beer or something.


I broke the rules again to have a vodka with soda water with a friend on taco tuesday 🙁 at least it wasn’t a beer, but I did forget that vodka is made out of potato which is very much not AIP, maybe tequila is better if I am going to cheat?

Was feeling very achy this day, my hip pain was flaring up worse than it has in a long time and I had a bad headache. My hip was aching before having the drink but my headache came on during the drink.


The chicken soup was not enough to satisfy me for dinner so I made some AIP garlic cauliflower Naan and fried plantains for sides

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