Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Paleo Meal Prep Menu Week 7

This is what I ate for my 7th week on the AIP Paleo diet.


Breakfast sausage sweet potato chicken poppers OMG these were soooo good! They only lasted for a day though because my hubby and I could not stop eating them!



Kale salad with chicken and grapefruit vinaigrette (recipe to be posted soon)


Baked Wild Salmon


AIP Blueberry Jello Made with grass fed beef gelatin

Bone broth

Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato chips

Plantain chips


I was pretty hungry with just the salad for lunch and the baked salmon for dinner. Next time I should plan for more sides. This is the week I noticed I lost a bunch of weight and really started seeing differences in my skin.

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